Upcoming Programs

The programs for 2017 and 2018 will be held in China, Argentina, South Africa and Kenya. These are going to be in Jinan, China, July 7th -19th and in Rosario, Argentina in October 15th -20th, 2017.  Each of these programs will be repeated approximately 6 months later in the same hospital and city to maintain continuity. There are three additional cities we will be working in China during the latter part of 2017 and 2018, including Urumqi, Jinan, and Wuhan. In Argentina the second program which will be held in April 2018, in the province Neuquen. We will work most likely in the south of the province in Patagonia in a town called vial la Angostura. There will be more opportunity in South Africa in 2018 to work in two different locations, one in the Western Cape, and one in the north in Limpopo but I have to get this better organized before committing a date and location. Our future plans include working in Kenya, additional sites in China and Latin America, and perhaps countries that you can recommend to me.
We are holding mini fellowships of one to two weeks duration in these cities, limited to 8 surgeons from around their country. These fellowship programs will be held in conjunction with a regional major one day meeting. Due to circumstances, in particular local resources the programs in China will be two weeks, and in Argentina, one week. The programs are quite intense and we are working almost every day, but days off before or after the program for touring. At each site program there will be three surgeons, and I will initially participate in all of them until they are up and running smoothly.  Each two week program is similar, with a combination of daily lectures, case presentations, patient examination, surgery and cadaver labs, which is then repeated the following week. For now, I am limiting the availability for access to these programs to my past fellows and visitors, but in the future as we expand, I will consider including additional surgeons including your friends and colleagues who have an interest in this work.
For those of you who are interested in working in China, I need one (or two surgeons) to work in Jinan with me in July. Note that this will overlap with the annual AOFAS meeting which is held mid-July in Seattle. For the program in Argentina it would be ideal for one of you who speaks Spanish, since we conduct the entire program in Spanish, unlike China, where we have two surgeons working with us constantly who are translating during the work week.  If some of you would prefer a later date in either country, please let me know and although I do not have the exact dates.