Teaching & Education

The Association cannot underestimate the need for education in the provision of foot and ankle care. The treatment that FAAI has been able to provide to one individual patient is visually dramatic and has an impact on his or her life as well as their family and the local community. FAAI’s expanded role and mission is to teach the principles of foot and ankle care and deformity correction to as many as possible of the local, regional and national orthopedic surgeons in our proposed locations.  This successful model has become evident ever since Dr Myerson commenced training of International orthopedic surgeons 17 years ago with the support of the Foot and Ankle Association. 

Many of these surgeons who were selected, and then offered the opportunity to study and learn under Dr Myerson have gone on to become skilled surgical leaders in their home countries. They in turn have begun another cycle of education and mentoring of junior surgeons thereby advancing sustainable and expanded care in their home countries. In order for our work to be sustainable we plan to teach surgeons in all the sites where we work and these surgeons will be offered on site training, and opportunities for further concentrated study of foot and ankle disorders and deformities. 
The FAAI facilitates further training through larger group scientific meetings which are held regularly.