Surgical Care

Taking care of individuals limited by crippling deformity in our international communities is not only a privilege but our obligation.

Dr Myerson was working here on a surgical and education program for the Association in 2016 here in Jinan, China, teaching hundreds of doctors about foot and ankle deformity. 

We believe passionately in the need to change the lives of individuals in the world through surgical intervention. There are far too many people with crippling deformities of the lower limbs, in underdeveloped and emerging countries where there are simply insufficient numbers of trained surgeon specialists. The foot and ankle deformities are caused by infections, traumatic injury, birth defects (congenital deformity), and an array of deformities resulting from diseases such as polio. While we are able to provide surgical care to an individual, improving their ability to stand and walk, we believe that the real and sustaining solution is to teach and train in-country surgeons and thereby multiply orthopedic care worldwide.

Past mission work  surgical care from around the world.

This is a 7 year old child who was burned during infancy resulting in this terrible deformity preventing her from walking. Using primitive tools which were all that were available in this village, the reconstruction of the limb was performed by Dr. Myerson successfully, enabling her to walk unassisted 6 months later.